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>> Sunday, 13 September 2009

"Today the entire world is a museum available to those who have the desire to see. In this museum, Bali is one of the most impressive collections and and while I have seen relatively little of Bali, I am convinced that ubud is the priciple gem of the entire collection. Ubud contains not only the precious mementoes of Bali's glorious past but also the living representations of its impressive present and hopeful future. Some wayworry about the change that moderm energy and drive will bring to Bali, but I do not. The creative urge of the Balinese, the natural instinct for beauty and contentment, will prevail."  17 September, 1959, C. McVicker, of Jakarta; in Puri Saren Ubud Guestbook.  
Source:  Garuda Indonesia article cited in Rucina Ballinger, 2005. The Historical Ubud. Indonesia.

The history of Ubud's name

>> Sunday, 6 September 2009

Many centuries ago, after receiving a spritual sign from the God, a holy man named Maharsi Markadhya embarked upon his journey of enlightenment which started in Central Java and took him as far eastwards as the island of Bali. throught out this journey, Maharsi affirmed his spritual direction and goals by peforming many acts of meditation, through which he receive a continuously clear sign to continue his journey futher east, finally to arrive at Mounth Agung in Bali.   Upon his arrival at mount Agung, Maharsi lost a large number of his disciples due to his oversight in neclecting to carry out an important religious ceremony. Following this, Maharsi returned to Java and gathered more disciples from various Hindu sects. Upon his second arrival at Mount Agung, Maharsi carried out the required ceremonies to announce his arrival. These ceremonies took place at Basukiah temple, later known as Besakih temple, the mother temple of Bali, which remainsthe most significant and holy temple in Bali to this day.  After receiving futher divine direction, Maharsi left Besakih temple and continues his travels to until he reached a magnificent north sound lying hill that was surronded two clear flowing rivers are named Oos rivers. The temple there is named Gunung Lebah temple is also situated here as a divine place to worship the God, The place is called Ubud now, which is from word ubad in Balinese and when it translates, it means medicine. Medicine for your heart, soul, spirit to be better person and have a better life. So visit Ubud, welcome to Ubud, get our spirit atmospher as what the people say "always happy in Bali", and please if you come to Bali especial Ubud, dont seeing with your eyes only but seeing with your heart to so you'll find the spirit of Ubud. 

Source:  The Royal Pita Maha brochure cited in a transcript "Markandhya Purana"- Kesari Sanggraha collection and books "Bali Temple Festival" by Jane Belo, 1996. and "Cult and Customs" by Dr. R. Goris and Drs. P. L. Dronkers. 2006.  Indonesia.

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>> Wednesday, 2 September 2009


about us

>> Tuesday, 1 September 2009

brata 1 homestay and fine arts studio is a homestay with really full of traditional balinese architectural in the heart of ubud. we have 6 rooms for accomodation with the service included hot and cold shower, cheiling vane, nice rice field view and breakfast in the morning. brata 1 is located in hanoman street no 51, Ubud Bali.

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A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

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