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>> Monday, 31 October 2011

Stay in homestay, it means you are staying in a guests house with its family. When  a balinese makes his home sweet home as the accommodation for tourists who come to Bali, this is a big chance and opportunity for the guests their self because when the tourists decise to have a nice holiday in Bali, mostly they come here, in Bali is for enjoy its rich culture and religion heritates. Firstly so it is why stay in a homestay is a smart choice, with low price, warm balinese hospitality and opportunity to join their local activity are all the guests needed.
She helps, enjoys and then be a part of Balinese Ceremony
It is same when we recommend you to stay in our truely balinese homestay. This accommodation named brata 1 homestay with all of mostly the tourists need when the visit Bali. The history of brata 1 homestay started when the booming of tourists came first time in Ubud in the earlier of 1980s. Our home is a kind of Balinese building with a numerous of space and because of that, our grand parents decided to rent started with only 1 room at that time just for a little extra money and its homestay exists until the presents day with more rooms. When you and your family choose to stay here, you will quicly to find the atmosphere of warm balinese hospitality with its daily activities and the number of ceremonies.
A few day ago, when we held a big 3 moths balinese ceremony for the new born baby in our family, it was very anthusiasm moment for our big family and also our guests who stayed in our place at the time. They can see our tight brotherhood with the number of activities. The ceremony preparation started 3 days before the H day in the 5th of October 2011 and for preparing we must wake very early one at 4.30 AM in the morning, When the peek of the ceremony a lot of our far faily and also neighbours and villagers came and saw our new baby boy. This ceremony was exactly for blessing and praying for the baby's future and also to say thanks to the suprime God. In the afternoon was the lunch time with a lot of Balinese dishes and the special and a must is a sucling pig, roasted pork and for this special occasion we cooked 7 roasted pork to consume for our invitation guests and also for the tourists who stayed in our accommodation in that time. In Balinese philosophy, this ceremony is one of the important and big ceremony, so it was why we celebrated with a lot of happiness and foods.
Secondly so if you are planning to visit Bali, want be a part of our balinese ceremony and want to have interaction with the local, tick our place as your favorite accommodation, besides these if you have families or friends who will visit bali as their holiday destination, please recommending our homestay, brata 1 homestay and for you who already had experience to stay in our accommodation, please stay again here, so we can share our experience and story. 
Finally see you in brata 1 homestay and thank you for stay in our homestay.


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A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

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