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what is the Ubud biggest problem polling result.

>> Friday, 28 May 2010

Balinese Traditional building
Brata 1 homestay is located in Hanoman street. No 51 Ubud Bali and because its place is in Ubud so is why from this blog, this homestay is very concern to keep Ubud as one of the best tourist destination in Bali, Indonesia even in the world.
From made a polling to know what is the Biggest Ubud problem and the problem of Ubud will be tried to solve with feedback for the tourists who were already come to Ubud Bali, especially after Ubud is choosen as the best city in Asia with know the problem first.
Finally 4 results was done from this polling, 3 people said parking is the biggest problem in Ubud and only 1 person said Ubud is dirty. This polling is good but this polling still need more people to choose or frankly speaking with 2.612 viewers in this blog hopely next polling the viewers allow to give their feedback with poll next polling. For your kindness we are very happy to say thank you so much.

brata 1 homestay: Your Consulate in Bali


Your Consulate in Bali

  • Australian Consulate General. 
    • Tantular street No 32 Renon Denpasar Bali. 
    • Phone: +62 361 241118. 
    • Fax: +62 361 221195 (General) and +62 361 241120 (Immigration).
  • Honorary Consulate of British.
    • Tirta Nadi street. No 20 Sanur Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 270601.
  • USA Consulate Agency.
    • Hayam Wuruk Street. No 188 Denpasar Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 222426
  • Consulate General of Japan.
    • Puputan street. No 170 Renon Denpasar Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 227628
  • Honorary Consulate of Malaysia
    • Alam Kulkul Boutique Resort, Kuta beach street Bali
    • Phone: +62 361 752520
  • Honorary Consulate of Thailand.
    • Puputan Renon Street No 81 street Denpasar Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 263310
  • Embassy of India
    • Puputan Renon main street. No 42-44, Denpasar Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 241 978
  • France Consulate Agency.
    • Merta Sari Street, Gang II No 8 Sanur Bali. (Gang is small street in Indonesian)
    • Phone: +62 361 285485
  • The Federal Republic of Germany.
    • Pantai Karang Street. No 17 Sanur Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 288535
  • Royal Danish and Norwegian
    • Mimpi Resort Jimbaran Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 701070
  • The Czech Republic
    • Pengembak street. No 17 Sanur Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 286465
  • The Republic of Hungary.
    • By Pass Sanur street. No 219 Sanur Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 287 701
  • Italian Consulate
    • By Pass Ngurah Rai street. Jimbaran Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 701 005
  • Honorary Consulate of Mexico
    • Mohamad Yamin 1 A street. Renon Denpasar Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 223 266
  • Honorary Consulate of the Netherlands
    • Kuta main street. No 127 Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 761 506
  • Honorary Consulate of Spain
    • Istana Kuta Galleria complex, blok Vallet 2. No 11 in Patih Jelantik street Kuta Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 769 286
  • Swiss and  Austria Consulate.
    • Shopping Complex of Istana Galleria in Patih Jelantik street.
    • Phone: +62 361 751 735
  • Honorary Consulate of Sweden and Finland.
    • Segara Village Hotel in Segara Ayu street Sanur Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 283223
  • Honorary Consulate of Brazil.
    • Legian street. No 186 Bali.
    • Phone: +62 361 757 775

Ubud's Painter

>> Sunday, 23 May 2010

Made and his wife in front of twin tower Malaysia

  • Name: Drs. I Made Subrata, M.Si.
  • Place and Time of Birth: Ubud, 11 February 1952
  • Occupation: Vice Rector for Students Affairs and also Lecturer in Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in Indonesian Institute of the Arts of Denpasar (ISI Denpasar).
  • Experience: Often to participate Fine Arts Exhibitions in Regional and National.
Work I.

Collection only

Title: Temple Situation
Dimension: 100 X 120 Cm
Material: Canvas Oil
Year: 2010
This picture is picturing Balinese people life that intimate and friendly with Templesituation as center of Hindu worship and the temple is built always gorgeous in the middle of human life and their spiritual world. here,human life is seen on space and time that so harmony as a part of Tri Hita Karana, which is human relation with abother human, human relation with the suprime God in Hindu called Ida Sang hyang Widhi Wasa and the last relation between human and nature, which is based as background. Colouring is dominated by red support by yellow and green so that so happy, soft also full of silent impression and situation in scope of movement and behaviour of Balinese women who wears Balinese traditional uniform is implement ceremony in temple devoutly.

Work II

Collection only
Title: Water as Source of life.
Dimension: 100 X 120 Cm
Material: Canvas and Oil
Year: 2008
In relationship between time and life dimensions, there is two different worlds called Rwa Binedha but both worlds are always becoming one on spiritually and physically. Spiritual world or in Balinese called Niskala and Physical or in Balinese called Sekala have water as symbolism of holiness and fusion. In Spiritual World, Hindu followers in Bali believe water can purify the mind/pengelukatan, fusion of all accidents, disappearing all sins and clear human mind. In physically world, human body would be clear when people take a bath. Human can clear their own body as seen in the painting, which is picturing figures of pretty women take a bath in river. Water, leave and trees colours that greenish to bluist with paddies in rice fields, which is turningyellow are a sign of nature circus approapriate with its rules. Water is as source of life, livelihood and symbol of fertility.

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A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

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