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Royal Cremation Ceremony 2nd of November 2010 at Peliatan

>> Monday, 1 November 2010

20 metres more Bade
Again Royal Cremation Ceremony will be held in Peliatan village, eastern side of Ubud and to go there you only need 10 minutes by walk from Ubud. The Cremation Ceremony in Balinese is  called Plebon and it will be held 2nd of November 2010.
Before Bali island consists of a lot of Kingdoms, the Kingdoms was constitutional with Federal Monarchy, which the head of Federal Monarchy was King of Klungkung. 
In Peliatan, there is Kingdom that sub Kingdom of Gianyar Kingdom (Gianyar is subkingdom of Klungkung) and we all know that after 1945, Indonesia had our independend and our constitutional is Republic although, we still have King but we are Republic. Like in Peliatan, when Jing of Peliatan died so there is a big procession to the lastest honour for him. Come to Peliatan Village on Tuesday 2nd of November 2010 and you will see one awesome moment, when procession is started. Guests will see people make team workto carry tower that bring the King dead body to cementery. The tower high is more than 20 metres so the tower is very heavy and to carry it, at lease need much people. For carry this tower, committee of Plebon use step by step procedural/estaffette, first group takes about 20 metres and change to second group continue until the tower arrive in cementry and for this procession it need more than 1000 people because there is three things to carry here, first is coffin cow (in Balinese called Lembu), second is dragon (Naga Banda) and the last is tower (in Balinese Bade).
stair to go to top of Bade
coffin buffalo


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