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>> Thursday, 9 May 2013

grand parents and guests in 1990s
When I cleansed some corners in my place. I found an old photograph. I guess it was taken about in 1990s because from the photograph we can see that our grand parents were still strong and little bit young. This photo is a very memorable thing for me notably after my grand father passed away in August 2010. This photograph shared some stories about how brata 1 homestay has already established and had the best services to our guests since long time.
Firstly, let's look for the memorable photograph a while. We see that our grand papa looked hansom, strong and awesome in the picture. Moreover my grand mother was in a good proposition body in the photograph because now she is very thin. I didn't remember much about that time perhaps I was in Denpasar at that time and still a child. From the photograph, we can see that our grand parents have been running a beds and breakfast which is called brata 1 homestay since a long time ago. My grand parents and their guests (I don't have any clues who is their name) stood in front of room number 2. Yes, now I have another clues that the guests took the picture at 1990s because the room was built about the beginning of 1990s. we all can see the room chairs were still made by bamboo and the Balinese traditional uniform that their worn were the old fashion one. Furthermore, we can see also how all three guys there smile so happy with their experience to wear a Balinese traditional uniform and have an interaction with local Balinese people.
Then, we can image that our grand parents already gave a very good service to our guests since early year of this accommodation and it becomes an inspiration to their next generation like me to follow them. A guest, who stay in a local Balinese homestay have a dream to know, interact and have  a warm Balinese hospitality from locals. Most of them are from a big city where an interaction and friendships are hard to find then they come to Bali particularly in Ubud to feel both of interaction and friendships feeling, (to be continue) I have to go to temple first because today is a first moon in Balinese calender, one of other a good day to pray to God.

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A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

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