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Ubud and World Cup 2010 in South Africa

>> Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Ubud is a cultural ,art and religion place. Ubud people is very intersting with all about culture and art also Religion (Hindu) what they same interest with football. Yeah Ubud people is very interesting with World Cup 2010 in South Africa.
Hopely for the supporters from Asia, after they watch their team afterwards come to Ubud for refreshing after come to Africa that very hot temperature and have the inspiration before back to work and it same as well as the supporters from European and American please come to feel something different in Ubud, something that make refresh and ready to work and if you need fun, natural and awesome place to visit, Ubud has a lot and one of them is our place
For the schedule you can check here
And for Original Sound Track  for World Cup 2010 in South Africa by K'naan feat David Bisbal entitled Wavin' Flag, just listen in this site and let play now.


Emergency in Ubud

RSUP Sanglah Hospital
Nowsday, Ubud as the international place to visit and the best city in Asia has a lot of support things. One of support thing is about healt care place and it can say like clinic and hospital. Here are some clinic and hospitalin Ubud for emergency case included general hospital in Bali. Remember if you come to Goverment hospitals, it is little bit waiting except in emergency case but cheaper than ungoverment hospitals or clinics and ungoverment hospitals and clinics is faster but extremly expensive than goverment hospital.
  1. (Ungovernment Clinic) Clinic Mas. Mas Main Street, Ubud. Phone: +62 361 974573 and just 2 minutes from our place
  2. (Ungovernment Clinic)Toyo Clinic. Pengosekan Street, Ubud. Phone: +62 361 978078 and just 2 minutes from our place
  3. (Ungoverment Clinic) Ubud Clinic. Ubud Main Street no. 36, Ubud. Phone: +62 361 974911 and just 2 minutes from our place
  4. (Government) Civil Medical Center or in Indonesian says Puskesmas is a clinic of Goverment that build in every subdistrict in Indonesia. In Ubud, Puskesmas is located at Dewi Sita street. just 1 minute from our place
  5. (Government) Gianyar General Hospital. Ciung Wenara no 2, Gianyar. Phone: +62 361 943049. This hospital is the general hospital in Gianyar Regency. For emergency and serious condition, all clinics and hospitals in Gianyar take the medical patient here. This hospital just 30 minutes from our place
  6. (Government) Sanglah General Civil Hospital or in Indonesian says RSUP Sanglah is located at Kesehatan Selatan Street no. 1, Sanglah Denpasar. Phone: +62 361 227911-15. Fax: 268690. Sanglah General Civil Hospital is the main provincial public hospital in Bali province. Its facilities have improved since the emergency ward had been built in 1991. Difficult/critical cases would not become a problem anymore since it has complete equipments. For emergency and serious condition, all clinics and hospitals in Bali province and east part of Indonesia take the medical patient in this general hospital. Sanglah Province General Hospital just 1 hour from our place


Besakih temple

>> Monday, 19 April 2010

go to pray at Besakih temple
Besakih temple, the sacred place
Besakih temple is the largest temple in Bali also Indonesia. Besakih temple is sometimes called mother temple because this temple is a complex of  temples. In this place consists of 1 main temple and 18 other temples. Others temple has a lot of categories such as clan temple, group temple etc.
Besakih temple is located in mount Agung in Karangasem regency, east place of Ubud. This place is very sacred so that way a lot of tourists are looking for feeling sacred atmosphere go to this temple, no matter spiritual or ordinary tourist, they find and feel peace when come to this area. The best time to come to Besakih temple is when come with family in the morning and see the activity there or ask the guide where is holiday time in this place. In Holiday time or on ceremony time in Besakih  is very special time because the atmosphere is more sacred besides this the tourists can see the real of Balinese life such as how to prepare the ceremony, making offering, ritual etc.
Sunset in peak Mt. Agung. Public domain.
Besides this, this tourist destination has pedestrian to walk until the peak of Agung mount and do not worry this mount is not to hard for climbing. The tourist can arrive until top just with walk because this mounth is flat and it is not steep but please keep be careful.
Go to Bali and come to Besakih temple or climb the Agung mount is a good choice, one way to go there is from Ubud and you can stay in one of Balinese design home with full of Balinese hospitality place in Ubud. so do not wait until tomorow come and feel one of the sacred destination place in world, Besakih temple.


Batur temple

>> Saturday, 3 April 2010

dance for self dedication
Bali is known with island of thousands temples. It can see from there are much temples in Bali. The temples can devided into many kinds. One of the most important temple is Batur temple. Batur temple, as its name is located in Batur close with lake Batur, Bangli regency just 1 hour from Brata 1 Homestay, a fun, natural and awesome but cheap homestay and its address at hanoman street no 51 ubud
Batur temple is a place for pray to supreme God as his fungtion as Visnu with his wife Goddess Sri as a goddess of prosperous. In Batur temple right now, there is a ceremony, it is not so big as before but it was still very good time to come, pray and do somethings as our self dedication for God.
It seems like one of the only Arts Institute in Bali, Indonesian Institute of the Arts, in photo above, looks students of this institute dance to their self dedication for The Suprime God, because in Bali there are many ways to pray to God and dance when the ceremony is one of that ways. When the students dance although in that time weather was little bit rainy, fog and cold but because of their spirit to dance was so high, they ignored it and they still dance.

The dance name is "Rejang", its dance one of important dance for using in ceremony and rejang dance is one of sacred dance in Bali too. Without this dance, ceremony is not complete one. So that time was very memorable one for the dancers because they were one of important aspect for this ceremony. This is why Balinese religion and culture is so special. Come to Bali, see, feel and take its special to your hearth. Hopely Bali can still be last paradise in future. Save it with love it.

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