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Global Ministerial Environment Forum in Bali

>> Thursday, 25 February 2010

Rice field in Jati Luwih, Tabanan, Bali
Again Bali, chosen as place to held world class seminar,  Special Session of the Governing Council/ Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GMEF) was opened by Republic of Indonesia, President on wenesday 24 february 2010 (Bali Post). Seminar was discussing about natural, especial natural forest. In this time,GMEF  acceptance of Forest 11. Forest 11 is a group for countries who still have tropical forests like Indonesia, Brazil, Gabon, Costa Rica, Congo, Cameron, Columbia Malaysia, Peru, Republic Democratic of Congo and Papua  New Guinea. Hopely this International Seminar for Environment will save rice fied likes in Jati Luwih, Tabanan, Bali. This seminar was very important especial to prepare Millennium development goals (MDGs).


will he comes to Ubud?

>> Wednesday, 24 February 2010

As a experiently school almost 43 years, elementary school ASISI Menteng Dalam ( SD ASISI Menteng Dalem) is the school of U.S president Barack Obama first school. He was registering as name of Barry Soetoro with student identity number 203 in 1968. (

Maria Sharapova will play tennis in Bali

the champions
Yearly tournament tennis named Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champion in Nusa Dua Bali will more awesome because it will plays of famous tennis star Maria Sharapova. It started when she successed to win Tournament of Memphis last week ago automatically make her as the top players who will attend tennis tournament in Bali exactly in Bali Convention Centre Hotel Westin Nusa Dua Bali on 4th until 7th november 2010. She will accompany by Duquo Marino, winner of Bogota tennis tournament, Auckland tournament winner, Yanina Wickmayer, Kim Clijisters, Alona Bondarenko Vera Zvonareva.


Wise Word of the Week

>> Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dear http://brata1homestay.blogspot visitors.

For making you more relaxing when visit this blog, "wise word of the week" is included to you to know about Balinese philosophy before you explore Bali, hopely it will be great to you when read it and hopely it is useful for the blog visitors. you can see it in the lef column of the blog and for, Source Language (SL) is from Gede Prama, guru of brighting soul and translator is brata 1 homestay admin. (photo left is an painting from famous painter from Ubud, Antonia Blanco's son, Mario Blanco).
thank you. admin.
The wise word of the week is:

A river flow flexiblely to its final destination that is sea. Then evaporate to sky and become a cloud, next become rain, down to mountain and back again become a river and Its is always continuoustly like that. With its flowly and sicerely, the river can pass chalenges in its way. Is there a friend who interest with flow and sincere of river? 

SL: Gede Prama
Translated : Agus Brata


Saraswati holiday, the day of knowledge

>> Monday, 22 February 2010

uniform to pray
Saraswati day is one of Hindu biggest holiday. It is a big holiday and very precious holiday because it is only once a year. Saraswati holiday is the time to pray for the suprime God as his power as the God of knowledge and the symbol is as Saraswati Goddess. Another things make this Holiday very big and precious are this the time for student and the people who are still in study process to pray for requesting that they are success during their study and pass exam with good grade. Other thing is this holiday tell for us how we are still remember that we must study hard to success and dont forget to pray too. So there are 2 aspects in Balinese

religion and culture that if we want to success in this case, if we want to sucess with your study, you must study hard for real world (in Balinese called "secala" word) and do not forget to ask to God (in Balinese called "niskala' world). In this year, Saraswati holiday is on 27th february 2010, if you are already in Bali please enjoy and teste in atmosphere of knowledge and it will be very good if you will come to temple to see the students start from kindergarden until Ph.D pray for their academic success and if you are not in Bali in this day So please waiting the special report of Saraswati day only in this site thank you.


Will Barack Obama visit Ubud?

>> Sunday, 21 February 2010

Perhaps child Obama has a nice smile like this
U.S President Barack Obama will visit Indonesia on 20-22 March 2010 (Bali Post), all everythings needed for welcoming him already prepare for Indonesian Goverment. This will be very special occasion for Mr Obama because he is back to where he started because he started to study in Indonesia, he started his school in elementary level in S.D 01 Besuki, Menteng Jakarta Pusat. Yeah he had to study here in Indonesia and it was a great experience because he is still remember with his Indonesia favorite foods like "nasi goreng" and bakso".

Hopely he will comes with his family and visit Bali as one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia like the former U.S president George Walker Bush and he is much knowing as George Bush. Then he and his family can choose many places of interisting in Bali especially Ubud. Why Ubud as the best city in Asia It is not doubt to come here. It is a great choosing, go to Ubud will make something special because of Ubud atmosphere. So it is way in eat pray love film who is as the mayor actress Julia Roberts chosen Ubud for "love".



>> Friday, 19 February 2010

Brata 1 homestay is not just a homestay only, our full name is brata 1 homestay and fine art gallery and if this blog have brata 1 homestay and fine art gallery' name, it is too long so it is way, in this blog just written brata 1 homestay only too easier to remember and other thing, my father as painter is not like to promote his skill. He  is an low profile artist. Yeah the printer here is my father. My father is a painter, start learned in maestro when he was child and in present he is sucess became a famous painter and he has not a ordinary painter, because he become a lecturer of fine art so he teachs a lot of student to became a painter. One of his student is Antonia Blanko san, Mario Blanko. Righ now My father, em I start with my father name, his name is Drs. I Made Subrata, M.Si, right now he is very busy with his job be vice leader for students affairs, in one and the only Art Institute in Bali or in Indonesian its says 'ISI Denpasar', abbreviation of 'Institute Seni Indonesia Denpasar'. 
  1. (First picture is my father and my mom, during his job as goverment officer of Republic Indonesia, who had duty to promote Balinese arts and culture in Malaysia and Thailand).
  2. (Second picture is One of his best collection).


Yande and Ketut

Brata 1 homestay is just a place that have a big space because its home is a main home from old generation to this generation in in Ubud, yeah it is one of Balinese Traditional Home. A place with many buildings and rooms made my grandfather decided to make and create brata 1 homestay. If I am not wrong, its was established, when I was child, let said in 1990 and when it started I have been still remembering in this time, with only one room, the room number 2. Now we grow up until have 6 rooms. It is the maximum room because if we build another rooms it will change our Balinese Design and traditional calculation, in Balinese it says 'sikut 200'. This picture is Yande and Ketut. Yande is in right position, for brata 1 homestay guests who are already come 2 or  even more time, they would not suprise with yande because he have been working in brata 1 homestay almost 15 years. He is knowing about all of our time, start when brata 1 homestay grow or in that period of just seldom tourist came to Bali because of travel warning as the effect of Bomb Bali 1 and 2. and left position is our new coming staf from west Bali, already work 1.5 year of course he is a good guy too, same like Yande. Hopely no bomb again blast in the last paradise island (Bali) and other hope is Yande will marry soo with his lovely girl. Thank you for Yande for his dedication, loyality and his smile also lough, because he is happy young man. The last but not the least thank you for our guests for staying, their stories, dedication and promotion ( because much our guests promote Brata 1 Homestay too) and for all people that support and help us, we can't write one by one because it is too much. Come and have a nice trip and experince to Ubud so we can share our story too.


Ubud trip tips

>> Tuesday, 16 February 2010

If you come to Ubud remember Ubud is different with other. Ubud is an international traditional village with many interesting aspects among its beauty although Ubud is chosen as the best city in Asia and have the reader of Conde Nast Traveler 2009 Readers 'Choice Award' but Ubud is still a village and the traditional one, so remember that Ubud is a place with full of religious, tradition, culture and arts and so it is way on place like Ubud. Here some trip to make you understand and enjoy during your trip to Ubud:

  1. Remember my words, if you come to Bali especially Ubud dont see it with your eyes only, see it with  your heart so you can find the spirit of Ubud (Bali). 
  2. Ubud is from the Balinese word "Ubad". when it translates to English its means "medicine". Yeah Ubud is medicine. Medicine for us, who visit Ubud, we really hope that you have our spirit and spiritual atmosphere so you will have better smile, happier and better love, for yourself, friends and also your big family.
  3. Please do your polite and honest attitude here in Ubud, with Balinese, other tourists and our natural environment. There was a case when a drunker tourist crashed a monkey in monkey forest sacred sanctuary although he did it when dawn so no one saw this accident but tomorrow night after that he had  nightmare that spirit of the monkey came and want to his responsibility, soon after that the tourist came again to monkey forest and asked apologize there and after then he has not nightmare anymore.
  4. Ubud can be your headquarter during your trip to Bali and even Indonesia because Ubud is exactly in the  middle of both area, for example you have a plan to1 month holiday in Bali then firstly you can come to Ubud, stay 3 days, then from Ubud you can visit other places like Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran Seminyak then back again to Ubud for 2 days while take a rest. After then you can continue your trip to east coast suck  as Candi dasa, Amed or even Lombok. Finally you can stay in Ubud at the end while buy Balinese handicraft in our traditional stores or Ubud traditional market.
  5. If you find troubles and problems during your trip to Ubud, please feel free to ask Ubud tourist board in Ubud main crossroad, opposite Ubud traditional market or ask Balinese traditional police called 'Pecalang', who dresses Balinese Traditional Uniform and its usually black and white.
Okay let is start your trip to Ubud now and have a nice trip too.

Condé Nast Traveler: 2009 Readers' Choice Awards

Ubud is chosen as the best city in Asia, better than bangkok, the capital of Thailand or even Tokyo by the reader of Conde Nast Traveler 2009 Readers 'Choice Award', so what do you this to repair soon in Ubud to defend the same award in 2010. please give your comment and we are really appriciate your feeback. thank you. For top ten the best cities rank in Asia, please check the rank below:


Helen Experience, happy valentine & chinese lunar year 2010

>> Sunday, 14 February 2010

Helen with Hero
Heart for You

Today (13rd february 2010 ) just one day before valentine day, an artist from England, she was born in Briston but in present she is living in Liverpool, the city of one the best music group, The Beattle, yeah an artist from Liverpool England stayed in Brata 1 homestay, what a good day and her name is Helen Seymour. Helen is a music teacher in secondary school in Liverpool and her specially is Spanish  music and that why she was playing her original  Spain guiter very awesome. Em she is very mastering in her world (spanish music) with how she managed her finger when she made a little performed here.  Wish that she stay little bit longer so we can request her to play in Valentine day the best of love song. She said that next holiday she want to back again. See you in that time Helen. Besides that, All staffs, manager and the owner of brata 1 homestay is very glad to say happy valentine day, the day of full of love, of course it is not just in valentine we share our love to our caouple, family, friends and even for all the people in the world but celebrate valentine day will make us remember about our love experience although its good or bad but from it we can learn that if you already have the person that you love, do your best for your lover, always.  On 14th of February 2010 is Chinese Lunar year too. So although we are not celebrate it but Gong Xi Fat Choy for the people who celebrate it.

From Ubud with love

>> Friday, 12 February 2010

Do you know in Ubud and around there are so much place for disable people. One of them is "Sjaki-Tari-Us" Foundation. It is very good time and place to come and enjoy while fund to this place for better future to that People. Sjaki-Tari-Us location is in the right Ubud soccer field, really very easy to came there although you must use your feet to come there because the street to go to this place is very small just entrance by foor or motorcycle. 
So, the 2nd Invitation of love is free entry with buffet dinner available and this occasion is presented "A Gift For The Children" by Gria Faria Reggae Band with Sjaki-Tari-Us Foundation and with Starfish Language Center. Its occasion is held on Valentine's Day, 14th February 2010 at 15.00 until 19.30 PM in Sjaki-Tari-Us Foundation Building east side of soccer field, Monkey Forest Street Ubud.  "A Gift For The Children really" present really great featuring:

1.   Blind Children Band

2.   Deaf Children Dance

3.   Ubud Jeembe Session 

4.   Painting and Jawerly Auction

and many more, so please dont miss it.


Booking & Service

>> Thursday, 11 February 2010

Booking for reservation in "Brata Homestay" is very easy now because we have a collaboration with  Online Travel Agency (OTA) named AirBnB so our guests could book online there from here.

1) Room 1
1st Floor (Brata Home Stay Surroundings)

2) Room 2
2nd Floor (Balcony)

3) Room 3 

2nd Floor (City View)

4) Room 4 
2nd Floor (Rice Field View)

Special Request?
  • Airport Transport Need or Not? (Airport Transport is includes New, Big, Roomy, AC car and the best driver in town).
  • If you need airport transport to our place, please telling us your:
    • Plane Number, 
    • Origin of Departure,
    • Arrive Time to Bali, Thank You for your kind cooperation.
  • Then continue to see our services.  
The Services are inclusive of:
  • 10% Government Tax 
  • 5%Service Charge
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Hot and Cold Shower
  • 2 small mineral water
  • 24 hours Full Hospitality Guest Service
  • 24 hours free Wi-Fi Internet Connection.

NB: If you have question and for futher information, please kindly and feel free to send email at, our main email at and please Cc also to
Very Thank You.

Thank you for your coming and staying with us, Brata Home Stay believe you will have awesome and interesting experience with our culture and tradition in our small homestay in Ubud. From Ubud with love, love for balinese culture, balinese spirit atmosphere and of course balinese hospitality. Once again Thank you again.

Please Don't forget to review Brata Home Stay here

Please watching what our guests talking about us, Brata Home Stay


hansano experience in brata 1 homestay (part 2)

>> Monday, 1 February 2010

well the story abaout hansano experience in brata 1 homestay will coutinue. Hansano is staying in that homestay quite long. he is making brata 1 homestay is like his headquater that he stayed than visit another places, like lovina in north part of Bali, stay there 1 week tahn back to brata 1 homestay anymore than stayed about 1 month while practice his yoga. a few month ago his daughter was coming. her name is Disa, first I thought Lisa, it is like Mona Lisa because her smile is nice same as Mona Lisa smile. Others best Sweden made in, besides car maker Volvo and mobile product Ericson. One made I was interesting with Hansano, it was his success to teach Disa be a good daugther especially about diciplin of time. her always went to bed early, much earlier than me, nowsday my time go to sleep is about 1 am or more in the daybreak, Oh my gosh, it is just because my dedicate to my blog and I believe all visitors know for who my blog is dedicated. if you do not know please read again in staff's smile in right column, thank you. Okay I countinue again my story. In that time I forgot to took her photos with her lovely and the best father, hopely Disa there read it and give a comment about her experience when stayed in Ubud. In photo above is Hansano and his new friend, her name is Pia. Pia is a writer too, hopely her can give a trick and trip how to write a writing much much better.

I already tell a Ubud secret to Hansano. it was said that Ubud name is from Balinese name "Ubad". Ubad, if it is traslated to English it means medicine, So it is way Ubud has different atmospher, atmospher of spiritual, culture, spirit and of course love. That why love is choosen in Ubud according eat, pray, love novel and film. I always saying if you come to Bali, please don't see with your eyes only, see it with your heart too so you will find the spirit of Ubud, spirit of love, love with your family, your sweetheart, your evirontment, love the Earth, love your friend too, Yeah from Bali with love. Than after you are noy find it after your holiday in Bali please came again it means your need more relax and enjoy your vacation here, in Ubud and Bali. It is not mean if you already had better life, better smile and better love after your vacation in Ubud and , you are not need to come again. it is not like that come and visit again because, there no place like Bali and still many things to browse in Bali. "From Bali with Love",  it is a awesome quotation, it isn't.... 

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A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

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