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Thank You 2011 and Welcome 2012

>> Friday, 30 December 2011

In English, We have quotation, time flies. Yes it is true for us. This homestay, brata 1 homestay was started in 1980s with only 1 room for our guest and it develops to have more rooms available to our customers. As same as our increase rooms, we have a new member in our lovely family. In the first photo, we took this photo on 31st of December 2011 a few hour before the year changes to be 2012. I took with my little family, me, my wife and our baby boy. I am very happy to celebrate the new year eve with our new family member, yes our 5 months baby boy. We hope in the 2012 is better than 2011 and we will have our adventures, experiences and moments to pass together, we have so much to plan, schedule and to do together in 2012, we are very enthusiasm for 2012, may God with us always.    
 For us, we had a numerous numbers of occasions, events and ceremonies to remember in 2011
wedding photo
Firstly, It was started on Monday, 6th of December 2010 among one of the biggest Hindu holiday, Galungan and Kuningan, I know it was in 2010 but as on December, everything already set to celebrate 2011, the year that we will say good bye just a few second later. On that day was my wedding ceremony. Yes, when my girlfriend said Yes afterwards I didn't wash my time to wait our Wedding Ceremony. The Wedding Ceremony was little bit quickly but everything was under control, perfect and everyone happy, I was very enthusiasm to make my new, my own and my happy family.
Secondly, My first son born on 23rd of June 2011 with his full name is Gede Putra Junartha Brata. I believe every name have a meaning and from the meaning, its has blessing for the person itself. I want my first son is being a strong, smart and wise man also be the great leader for "Brata Family". I hope God will listen and give his blessing to Him.
Thirdly was 42 days after he was born ceremony. In Balinese Hindu, this is one of the most important ceremony to welcome the baby. The ceremony was leading by my grand father from my mother, he is one of in Balinese we call pemangku. Pemangku like a little priest who has responsibility to be guard of temple in his village.
Finally, if you come to Bali as you wish to see our unique religion and rich culture heritages that stay in a homestay is the highness recommend because you can see the real life of Balinese, see the culture and religion in very close and and feel the truly Balinese Hospitality. Once again "Brata 1 Homestay say to our guests, family and the people Thank You for 2011 to all everything at that year and wait to adventures, hopes and works together to do in 2012".

pray to bless

much family members came

Fun Bike with fun with Brata 1 Homestay's staffs

>> Sunday, 18 December 2011

loyal guest
On Sunday, 18th of December 2011, there was Fun Bike in Padang Tegal village, which is proudly presented by Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud. There were a lot of presents in this events but we mostly were not looking for the presents at that time we also look for fun, relax and hangout time with our friends, colleagues and also our lovely family.
For that day, in our accommodation stayed our loyal tourist from Jakarta, one of really limited of our domestic tourist, his named is Teguh, a young successfully business man who works for coal industry factory. At that time he came to Bali because he had a meeting with his factory for end year report and on Sunday, the meeting was break and he had time to go to Ubud to join us for this Fun Bike event, He said although I stayed in very good and famous hotel in one of tourist destination in southern of Bali but he stressed that stayed with us was all he needed, joined the fun bike, had a lot of time to talk, treat us Bu Oka sucling pig, or even sit in our grass floor in front of our accommodation while talking and seing the traffics. He said money doesn't matter if he can have the Ubud hospitality enjoy.
We had a fun bike, relax for a while before go to have work on Monday, although we didn't get the main prize a new suzuki karimun estilo but we were really happy to join this Sacred Monkey Forest Sactuary Ubud Fun Bike, thank you for the committees for all their hard works, then after this he treated us (hope all our guests like him (just kidding)) to have sucling pig of Bu Oka one of the most famous sucling pig in Bali, afterwards we ate while had a lot of conversation and finally he must back to have some meeting again but he had mention that Mr Teguh will back on March 2012.
Fun Bike was so fun and we had very nice guest but we believe mostly of our guests are nice one and right now we prepare for new year eve and we hope we have a nice memory when farewell 2011 and welcome 2012 with our guests who at that time stay in our accommodation, Brata 1 Homestay.

fun bike time
loyal guest vs loyal staff

numbers of participants
after fun bike is fun lunch


Fun and Cross Country Bike with the Monkeys in Monkey Forest.

>> Saturday, 17 December 2011

the banner
On 18th of December 2011 as the second even, Sacret Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud is proudly present the Fun and Cross Country Bike 2011. Of course you can't have fun bike and cross culture bike with the monkeies but as your information, monkey forest can held this evwnt because of the monkeies, a  lot of people from overseas come to see the monkey and we have the money from its ticket. There are 2 type of championships, first is Fun Bike and the other one is Cross Country Bike. The ticket is not so expensive only Rp. 25.000 and you will get 3 ticket including snack (small food). It will be started at 7 AM, so don't be late and 1 new Suzuki Karimun Estilo, 2 Honda Scoopy, 5 mountain bicycle, 5 LCD TV, 10 Mobile phone etc are the presents for this event. Don't worry there are still numerous numbers of competition like cooking, painting, statue, photography, children painting and Balinese dance competations. So come, enjoy and win the presents and don't forget there is still last chance to buy the ticket on the H day before the competition is started.

Guests in Our Family Temple Ceremony

>> Thursday, 15 December 2011

family temple ceremony at brata 1 homestay
Sierra & Sule
When stay in an accommodation and at that time, there is ceremony in your homestay, it means you are in right place, time and accommodation because if you stay in hotel you can't find such as ceremony like that. if you see, come and be a part of this ceremony, you find what is exactly you are looking for during your holiday in Bali. Bali is famous with our rich heritage cultures and religion philosophy and it makes a large numerous numbers of tourists to come to Bali. It is a big and good opportunity to us for explaining our cultures because sometimes it takes time to make the tourists understand how we save it and of course to save it, we are never walk alone because there are a lot op people who really love Bali behind us. The important issues are how the tourist industry develop Bali because it influences many factors of Balinese life from small vendors up to five star hotels, so they can say when they are back home that Bali is already safe and don't need to worry come to holiday again here, in Bali. Second issue is how the tourists give feedback to us, to know the opinion about Bali, to know their hoping about Bali and to know about the reason why they come to Bali.
It is very important because there are a lot of new tourist destinations in every part of the world so to have some minutes to talk with the tourists, we can explain our culture and they got the correct informations about our culture and they can say their opinion about Bali and for us, we can have feedback from their opinions, ideas and suggestions to build Bali better than ever. 
Special thanks goes to two of our beautiful guests from Canada who came and really enjoyed to see and join our brotherhood relationship in the family temple ceremony named  Sierra Terhock and Sule.

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