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>> Friday, 19 February 2010

Brata 1 homestay is not just a homestay only, our full name is brata 1 homestay and fine art gallery and if this blog have brata 1 homestay and fine art gallery' name, it is too long so it is way, in this blog just written brata 1 homestay only too easier to remember and other thing, my father as painter is not like to promote his skill. He  is an low profile artist. Yeah the printer here is my father. My father is a painter, start learned in maestro when he was child and in present he is sucess became a famous painter and he has not a ordinary painter, because he become a lecturer of fine art so he teachs a lot of student to became a painter. One of his student is Antonia Blanko san, Mario Blanko. Righ now My father, em I start with my father name, his name is Drs. I Made Subrata, M.Si, right now he is very busy with his job be vice leader for students affairs, in one and the only Art Institute in Bali or in Indonesian its says 'ISI Denpasar', abbreviation of 'Institute Seni Indonesia Denpasar'. 
  1. (First picture is my father and my mom, during his job as goverment officer of Republic Indonesia, who had duty to promote Balinese arts and culture in Malaysia and Thailand).
  2. (Second picture is One of his best collection).


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A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

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