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Cremation Ceremony on 3 October 2010 in Padang Tegal Kelod, Ubud.

>> Monday, 11 October 2010

   Cremation ceremony is one of the biggest, the sacredest and the most complicate also the most popular ceremony in Hindu Bali. In Bali, there is much ceremony, so it is why Bali, sometime it is said, everyday without ceremony. Cremation ceremony is dedicated for someone who already passed away and his family want to honour him, same in this cremation ceremony, we want to honour our lovely grand father. Guests of Brata 1 Homestay must be knowing him with his hospitality and a lot of Brata 1 Ubud guests said he was a wise man with big heart .Our Grand Father cremation ceremony was helded in Padang Tegal kelod in Padang Tegal Village on 3rd of October 2010.
    The cremation procession is started since a month ago, on the middle of September 2010 and finished on 6th of October 2010 after 3 days of its H day and the ceremony name's is 'nelunan' (3rd days).
    Procession of ceremony was started with our Balinese traditional custums that we made committee first. After the committee was made then we requested to our local community  (called Banjar in Balinese) that our family had a plan to make cremation ceremony to our grand father. After the banjar permited after words our family looked good day in Balinese celender to start working ( in Balinese is called nuasen karya). Next the committee was started to make tower to carry death body (in Balinese is called Bade) and coffin for burning  and  it used bull  symbol (called lembu), lembu means bull in English.
    Next procession is preparing for offering and for this procession we woke up in very early morning 4 AM to prepare food for offering, for ou priest and for committee. it takes more than 3 days. Another important procession was one day before H day, which was in that time our family invited our friends and colleagues to come in our home and as witness to our ceremony. In night we must not sleep until tomorow and what made this day is special because in midnight, the inheritor person must take holy water (calle dtirta penembak) alone to sacred place and after he got it, he must suddenly send to Priest home to process and prepare for thr H day tomorow.
    In the H day, there is very busy time, the day was started with Made offering and prepares for everything for ceremony. Next in noon, the 
 ceremony was started with carry Lembu and Bade to cementery and after death body take in Lembu, then we burned it. After the death body finished to burn only residue bond and ash. we offered it and then went to beach to spread i ( in Balinese called nganyut).
    Last in 3rd days procession (ngetelunin), we made foods and beverages for all the committees, like lawar, comoh, jugut ares, sate, siap betutu etc to celebrate our success work because the cremation success without obstacle and dont forget we send the foods to Priest home and after then in afternoon we went to Priest home again (the home called Griya) to said thank you to priest and his families and to who already helped cremation ceremony also. For more pictures, please clicking here

Balinese brotherhood

Praying for ceremony successfully


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