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Visit Indonesia Museum year at Puri Lukisan museum

>> Wednesday, 31 March 2010

After successed with Visit Indonesia year 2009, again our gaverment, Goverment of Indonesia launched their continue program,  "visit Indonesia year 2010" and this year is  reated a theme which is the theme for this year is  "visit Indonesia Museum Year". Yeah it is right theme because Indonesia with our motto Ultimate in Diversity  consist of  a lot of cultures and every culture has their own identities, It is very great to see and know how rich is our world with the cultures that you are never see before.
The island of Bali is well known for its rich cultural heritage, which is reflected in Balu's 20 museums which houses of variety of collections ranging from antrhropological artifacts throught the collections of of both classical and modern arts.
In Ubud, an international village, although Ubud is choosing is the best city in Asia but it is much better if we call Ubud a village rather than city, Its sound deeper, we has a lot of museums, as we know all, it is way Arts is still alive and progress here. Let is disscussing Museum around Ubud. Firstly let is discussing about the oldest one, Puri Lukisan Museum. Puri Lukisan Museum is located at Ubud main road with its collection specializing in modern traditional Balinese paintings and wood carvings. Its mission is to preserve, develop and document traditional Balinese arts. It is home to the finest collection of modern traditional Balinese painting and wood carving on the island, spanning from the pre-war (1930 – 1945) to the post-war (1945 – present) era. The collection includes important examples of all of the artistic styles in Bali including the Sanur, Batuan, Ubud, Young Artist and Keliki schools. This picture is (painting of  IGusti Nyoman Deblog  with title  birth of Anoman, one of the museum collections).
This Museum consists of three main building such as:
  • Building I (North) – the Pitamaha Gallery houses the Pre-War modern traditional Balinese paintings (1930 – 1945) and I Gusti Nyoman Lempad and collection
  • Building II (West) – the Ida Bagus Made Gallery houses the Ida Bagus made the Estate Collection
  • Building III (East) – the Wayang Gallery houses Wayang Painting Collection and used for temporary exhibitions.
Puri Lukisan Museum is just 5 minutes by motor or 15 minutes by walk from our place, brata 1 homestay, so if you are intersting, want to know about this museum collections more, please visit this museum soon and don't hesitancy to stay in brata 1 homestay, Cheap Accomodation in Ubud during your plan to visit this museum in Ubud.


Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud

>> Tuesday, 30 March 2010

We are invited too
3rd Bali Spirit Festival will open a few hours later in ARMA Museum in its address at Pengosekan Street Ubud, just asking people around Ubud as if hard to find this place, they will give you information with their smile. Yeah this is Balinese hospitality, we will help anyone with free and  smile too.
This festival, an annual celebration of yoga dance music started on 5.00 pm until 9.30 pm in ARMA museum, today, wednesday 31st March 2010 with Bali Soul Mantra Opening Night Celebration. This festival has 5 nights of inspiring world music concerts at ARMA with over 20 performance with world class musicians and DJs and its festival will be closed on 4th april 2010. Come and buy tickets at ARMA museum now. For futher informations, send your questions at, So don't miss it.


Balinese Ceremony in Brata 1 Homestay

>> Saturday, 27 March 2010

"pemangku" says mantra
Ceremony in Brata 1 Homestay
On 24th March 2010 in Brata 1 homestay held a ceremony, ceremony in our family temple. This ceremony was very interesting because in this time is a very good time during Balinese celender, as should you know for ceremony, Balinese is using Balinese System Celender, which is using lunar system and 1 month is 35 days.
In this special day, most of our family was going home to pray, request for The Suprime God to save us and other thing, this ceremony is for purifiying our place (Brata 1 Homestay) to clean in spiritual side besides in real world.
In that time, situation was very happy and lot of lough because all our family came home so we can share our experience and talking much each other. This was not just a ceremony but the time to meet each other in our home (Brata 1 Homestay). A guest of us, her name Sandra from Switzerland and other guests looked very enjoy about this atmosphere, she said when I was 6 years my parents came to Ubud with me and after 16 years I am back again to Ubud. This atmosphere make she has something different in Ubud, how people interect with each other, how their have a strong relationship between each family and how they still pray with God, although they are already success. to see, people pray together with their Big and Happy family is very awesome and memorable time. One of this place is "Its only in Brata 1 Homestay".
Sandra in Balinese uniform

Barrack Obama schedule comes to Bali on June

>> Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Statue in main cross road Ubud
U.S President Barrack Obama reschedule his bilateral visiting to Indonesia. Before his schedule on March but right now decline up to June 2010. Although he changed his schedule quiet long but don't worry a lot of Indonesia people still waiting his visiting here.
Same like Bali, as one place that will visit by Mr Obama during his visit to Indonesia, we are still waiting for him. Balinese is very appreciate for his schedule to visit Bali. Hopely he will come with his family, his family can be inspiration because he is a awesome and great father and also love his family much.
Please do not forget to visit Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud because it is very great place to visit, from Monkey Forest in Ubud, with its local genius  to still save forest in that place to be a green zone to safe oxigen for our live in Ubud,we can learn about how important to stop global warning. Stop global warning it is not just for us but for our son, our grand son too. From green of Monkey Forest hopely there is inspiration for seriously to go green, go go go.....


Nyepi at Brata 1 Homestay in Ubud

>> Tuesday, 16 March 2010

"Nyepi" in front of Brata 1 Homestay
Firstly All staffs, manager and owner of Brata 1 Homestay say Happy "Nyepi". Nyepi means quiet, hopely from quiet of Nyepi we can thing what we did in past year and what we are going to do in next year, it is very good tone because in another new year we are always celebrate it with party and loud but special for Hindu New Year, we are celebrate in with " Catur Brata Nyepi, catur means 4, Brata, exactly Brata has a lot of meaning but in this case the meaning is fast or no doing that, the 4 fast is no go anywhere(stay at home,) no job, no angry and dont make any activity. Yeah just quite. Quite, relax and let is your soul free, from quite of Nyepi you have time to thing your mistakes and dont make the same mistake in next year, if you celebrate with party how you have time to thing what you have already done. In the first picture is situation during Nyepi in Ubud and picture took in front of Brata 1 Homestay in Hanoman street. For you who already came to Ubud, Hanoman street is always busy but it is not when Nyepi, Quite, all is quite, quite is good for rest your body and soul because we are not a machine.
Before Nyepi, in Nyepi ave, there is, okay let say parade, there is giant doll or in Balinese we called "ogoh-ogoh" parade. Here is some of Ogoh-ogoh photos in Brata 1 Homestay village, Padang Tegal in Ubud Bali.

Padang Tegal Kelod Youth Organization

Padang Tegal Tengah Youth Organization
Padang Tegal Kaja Youth Organization

children ogoh-ogoh
Children ogoh-ogoh
Padang Tegal Mekarsari Youth Organization


Nyepi in Ubud

>> Saturday, 13 March 2010

Padang Tegal Village goes Melasti

Still procession for prepare Nyepi, The biggest Balinese Hindu holiday. Every village in Bali would be taking holy water from sea and Padang Tegal Village where Brata 1 Home location. After the water is giving mantra from Priest, everyone will take the Holy water to their home for spread it to request for the Suprime God that their home has his blessing for puring and cleaning their home from something bad. It same with in Brata 1 Homestay, we were melasti to beach and after all the procession, the holy water already spread in Brata 1 Homestay, hopely next Caka year, 1932 everything walk in good way.
Next Balinese will prepare for "Pengerupukan" day. Pengerupukan is one day before Nyepi. In that time, there is a ceremony for offering the invisible creature especially bad spirit to make they do not disturb us. The ceremony is usually take place in cross road in every village because crossroad is center of direction. Afterwords, there is a ceremony who is people waiting for. Ogoh-ogoh (Giant doll) Carnival that you can see we carry a big giant doll as symbol of bad thing. Before it procession there is a ceremony to request the bad spirit who stay in their village to come on giant doll ceremony then we carry it around our village after then, we allow for bad spirit to out from giant doll/ogoh-ogoh because we will burn the giant doll as the symbol Balinese fight with bad spirit. Please waiting the full story about Nyepi holiday only in this site.


Barack Obama will visit Uluwatu but he should to lunch in Ubud before

>> Wednesday, 10 March 2010

One of the Best Sunset view
US President, Barack Obama will visit Uluwatu Bali during his Bilateral visit to Bali. Its news we know by many activities to welcome one of the important person in this world around that area. Perhaps US president want to see one of the best sunset view in world, Yeah as we know Uluwatu has very memorable and beautiful sunset view. Em if he want to relax while see the best sunset view how about the best Balinese food, of course he comes to Bali to try Balinese food. George Bush, US former President during his visited to Bali try our special chicken and spicy spice called in Balinese "siap panggang" and "sambal matah" eamm very yummy one. 
Barack Obama, in the news said that he comes with his lovely wife Michael hopely with their both beautiful daugthers, firstly it is very special ocassion and holiday time to lunch in a lot of Traditional Balinese Restaurant with their special taste in Ubud. Why Ubud because we have Restaurant you should try likes Ibu Oka restaurant with its pork roasted, Bebek Bengil Restaurant with his duck roasted and "siap panggang" and "sambal matah", Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Restauran with its special chicken variation or if they want to try our Balinese cake, the best place is in Cafe Wayan Restaurant. Em there are many places to eat there and we as Ubud citizen very proud and honor as if Barack Obama comes to Ubud, it will completment our predicate as the Best City in Asia, Finally hopely your Bilateral Visiting is success and after then your family trip to Bali is memorable and awesome. 

Warm greeting and welcome to Bali, Mr President with US first Lady and do not forget for them lovely daughters too.


Live Earth Run for Water -Bali

>> Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Giant Statue in Jimbaran

“Indonesia’s Contribution for the Global Movement on Water Crisis Issue”
Jakarta, February 2, 2010 – Building on the success of the 2007 concerts which took place over the course of 24 hours, on seven continents, featuring 150 artists to raise awareness for the issues and solutions associated ” Live Earth announces a global initiative for 2010 addressing a significant environmental issues, the global  water crisis. This year, Live Earth and Dow have partnered together on the Countdown Live Earth Run for Water, a global event aimed at raising awareness and funds to help solve the global water crisis.

In Indonesia, the Countdown Live Earth Run for Water will be held on April 18, 2010 at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park in Bali. The Countdown Live Earth Run for Water, a series of 6 km runs/walks (the average distance many women and children walk everyday to secure water), is also featuring concerts and water education activities to raise money to help solve the water crisis. The Participant of the Countdown Live Earth Run for Water can register directly on line through starting February 2, 2010.  Ten percent of all registration fees will be donated to the Indonesia NGO beneficiary, Indonesia Water Partnership to build clean water installation.
For further inquiries log-in to:


Bali Spirit Festival 31st March - 4th April, 2010

Spiritual Bodyguard called Ganesh
Brata 1 Homestay is place in the heart of Ubud so it is very easy to come everywhere around Ubud. It same when there is an even in Ubud. This place will be an easy place to come in event place. It same again when Bali Spirit Festival returns to hillside community of Ubud for its third year on March 31st, 2010 to April 4th, 2010. Its takes only 3 minutes by walk from Brata 1 Homestay. 
This even, it is a spiritually charged event that celebrates "yoga", colaborate with its dances and musics and the synergy of global cultural collaboration through the arts.
Held over 4 days and 5 nights, this annual celebration brings to Bali a wealth of talented and respected creative masters from around the world, merging the indigenous and rich cultures of Indonesia in the spirit of learning, collaboration and the celebration of our creative and spiritual diversity.
The Bali Spirit Festival combines over 95 inspiring yoga, dance, and music workshops with nightly world music concerts to an enthusiastic audience of over 4,500 people.  
The majestic outdoor festival grounds are located just outside of Ubud, Bali on sprawling green lawns with a blessed river flowing through.


around brata 1 homestay, place to eat.

>> Monday, 8 March 2010

brata 1 homestay family temple
Around brata 1 homestay there are:
  1. Many places for eat, 
  • Laba-Laba Restaurant, just next door of Brata 1 Homestay, in left side. Its restaurant serve Indonesia food cook together with its secret recipes.
  • Artini Warung ( but it is more expensive than Laba-Laba Restaurant) at right side of Brata 1 Homestay, about only 5 metres including its mini market too.
  • Bebek Bengil ( Dirty Duck ) is the famousest restaurant in Ubud, famous people, actress, actor domestic and international until our president come to lunch or dinner in this Balinese food restaurant. Prize does not matter if we are talking about taste. Its restaurant is in right side our place just go by food and it takes no more than 5 minutes.
  • Tegun Restaurant is left side of our place and this place can find just by foot, only 3 minutes. What is make this place special? The owner of this place has Yoga Barn too. So if you are interesting with Yoga perhaps you can come to lunch or dinner while ask about Yoga Practise Schedule there.
  • Pundi-Pundi Restaurant is a Grill Asian Cousine Restaurant with lotus pond. Its is a new restaurant with new concept and it will be great to come for dinner because it is so romantic when see sunset there. 
  • The Pond is a little bit expensive Restauran, the owner is brother of Pundi-Pundi Restauran but concept is different in this restaurant. If you come with your group, this is restaurant has a lot of chairs.


Obama will visit Bali, what is about Ubud?

>> Sunday, 7 March 2010

In front Monkey Forest in Ubud

Barack Obama will visit Bali. Yeah its news is right. Yesterday (Thursday 4th march 2010(, people in charge of Adi Sumarno Airport in Solo confirmed that Overseas US Department said that US president change schedule of his bilateral visiting in Indonesia. Barack Obama will not go to Yogyakarta but change his plan to Bali. You are right Mr President. Bali is an awesome place to keep away from your stess. Perhaph former President of US George W Bush told Mr Obama when visit Indonesia why you do not come to Bali, "The Last Paradise in the World" because in newspaper in that time, if it was not mistake in 2005 took a picture of former US President George W Bush visited Bali, he was talking with Republic of Indonesia former President, Megawati along white sand in Nusa Dua beach by foot. Its an awesome bilateral visiting, talking while enjoying Nusa Dua beach view. With refresh mind, everything will be solve easily.
Okay what is about Ubud? When there was a news about Barack Obama will visit Indonesia, many people hope he will visit Bali too, after a news he will visits Bali, hopely US Presiden will visit the Best City in Asia, Ubud. It will be great if he comes and let says lunch or dinner in a lot of Balinese Restaurants in Ubud, likes former president favorite, Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck) Restaurant, Murni's Restaurant or Casaluna Restaurant, etc.
Hopely Mr Obama will visit Ubud so this place (Ubud) is resonable to be "The Best City in Asia". We will do everything to welcome you here in Ubud. It is same with his motto, Yes We Can. Warm Greeting From Ubud.


Ubud and Yoga

>> Saturday, 6 March 2010

Yoga in rice field
My friends, do you know Yoga? if you know yoga, it is great. Nowsday yoga is very famous but sometimes some people or Yoga practiser dont know why is yoga not too popular in Bali also Ubud? Firstly  let is discuss what is yoga then after this, the question will automatically answer. Yoga is Universal, it means, Yoga can practise from another religion besides Hindu and Budha. Especially now much book already translated yoga too English so the author of Yoga books already translated from Sanskrit to English so it made Yoga is more universal.
Yoga is one element of 6 element in Hindu sayings in Tapa (meditation) activity, which is someone totally focus to 1 thing that contol his body and mind. Generally people know Yoga as Asana,Asana means you act something while you control your breath to harmony your soul and body.
Yoga has a lot of usefulness likes;
  • keep away from stress
In globalization era, stress is very familiar and to avoid it, one a simple thing is Yoga. Yeah Yoga can help

Ubud as the best city in Asia Polling

>> Friday, 5 March 2010

Brata 1 homestay is making a small polling to know, readers opinion about the result of Condé Nast Traveler: 2009 Readers' Choice Awards,   in this good accasion there are only 9 readers to give their opinions with chosed the polling. Hopely next polling will be much much better than now.
A polling is very significant especial to know readers mind. They are agree or disagree about something. For example, Ubud is chosen as the best city in Asia polling, it is very great to know the opinion about the people who are not Conde' Nast Traveler Magazine readers. 
Anyway all audiences gave a same result that They agree for Ubud as the best City in Asia better than other city. If we talk about Ubud, a lot of tourists right now say Ubud  in "one word", LOVE, perhaph they had inspiration of Julia Roberts film, Eat, Pray, Love. So If you want to have a nice date, you will absolutely choose Ubud, willn.t you. It was why Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stone Vocalist chosed Ubud for held his wedding in 1996. Already long time but its still make people remembering that weding.
Besides love, there is another 'one word' to image Ubud, "peace". Yeah place of peace. It is same with our greeting, when Balinese end something, they would like to say Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om, Om has meaning for God and Shanti is peace so its means God give us peace in our mind, our world, and whole world. We believe there is another word to Ubud, UBUD is AWESOME, right. warm greeting from Ubud.


prepare to Nyepi

>> Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Do you know what is exactly "Nyepi" is? First be honest with yourself to know this amazing holiday. This is only one in the world. Nyepi Holiday is a new year in for Hindu. It is counting minus 28 year in formal year, e.i now is 2010 minus 28 means 1932. Year, It was celebrate to Nyepi holiday 1932. Nyepi, some people would say new saka year, is a day to people celebrate new year at home only. It is very interesting, because its  new year celebration are not celebrate like other new year celebrate with loud, shout or party but you just staying at home. So if everyone at home so no one will go out and street will be empty. Yeah you are right, during Nyepi all is silent, no one in street, airport closed, all access to Bali closed. It is way the holidat is called Nyepi because Nyepi means Silent. So it will be awesome become there (in Bali) that time, you will have calm atmosphere totally and it will be a great time to meditation anyway. Okay, information about Nyepi will told next now there is a special thing before Nyepi and its called Pengrupukan day. In Pengerupukan all villages in bali will have ceremony to drive out the devils. The devils will have symbols as "ogoh-ogoh" like giant doll  (like picture) that carry it arounds village than burn it as symbol to fight again bad things. (This picture) is procession to make ogoh-ogoh in Padang tegal village Ubud and it is really not easy because this is full of arts especial to know which ogoh-ogoh is the best one. It will be great parade or let is say ogoh-ogoh carnaval.


Saraswati and Banyu pinaruh reports

people pray for saraswati and banyu pinaruh holiday
Saraswati and Banyu pinaruh holiday was already celebrated on 27th and 29 th February 2010. It was already storied in first Saraswati and Banyu pinaruh holiday part that Saraswati and Banyu pinaruh have tight relationship.
In this picture shot on Banyu pinaruh day in one of clan temple in padang tegal Ubud. A clan temple, it is not mean Balinese are praying for their powerful clan but It is just for still remember our ancestors and pray to them to soon unity with suprime God. In the clan temple, situation is very familiar, a lot of family who are staying from other side of Bali come and pray then after this, they can talk together with people there, share, lough and even
drink a cup of tea while continue their story. It is very warm situation there. In the picture again, It was situation for continue ceremony on Saraswati. On Saraswati, The God, in this ceremony is as the symbol of the suprime of knowledge called Saraswati Goddess request to came and stay, so people who want to pray would has Her blessing to success in their study. Then on tomorow, on Bany pinaruh, people pray again to clear their body and soul than took for Saraswati Goddess to back because ceremony closed. After that procession, It is time to go to beach to take a shower, in spritually, we already prayed next in physical, we go to beach to clear our body. It's very awesome.

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