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>> Friday, 12 February 2010

Do you know in Ubud and around there are so much place for disable people. One of them is "Sjaki-Tari-Us" Foundation. It is very good time and place to come and enjoy while fund to this place for better future to that People. Sjaki-Tari-Us location is in the right Ubud soccer field, really very easy to came there although you must use your feet to come there because the street to go to this place is very small just entrance by foor or motorcycle. 
So, the 2nd Invitation of love is free entry with buffet dinner available and this occasion is presented "A Gift For The Children" by Gria Faria Reggae Band with Sjaki-Tari-Us Foundation and with Starfish Language Center. Its occasion is held on Valentine's Day, 14th February 2010 at 15.00 until 19.30 PM in Sjaki-Tari-Us Foundation Building east side of soccer field, Monkey Forest Street Ubud.  "A Gift For The Children really" present really great featuring:

1.   Blind Children Band

2.   Deaf Children Dance

3.   Ubud Jeembe Session 

4.   Painting and Jawerly Auction

and many more, so please dont miss it.


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A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

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