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hansano experience in brata 1 homestay (part 2)

>> Monday, 1 February 2010

well the story abaout hansano experience in brata 1 homestay will coutinue. Hansano is staying in that homestay quite long. he is making brata 1 homestay is like his headquater that he stayed than visit another places, like lovina in north part of Bali, stay there 1 week tahn back to brata 1 homestay anymore than stayed about 1 month while practice his yoga. a few month ago his daughter was coming. her name is Disa, first I thought Lisa, it is like Mona Lisa because her smile is nice same as Mona Lisa smile. Others best Sweden made in, besides car maker Volvo and mobile product Ericson. One made I was interesting with Hansano, it was his success to teach Disa be a good daugther especially about diciplin of time. her always went to bed early, much earlier than me, nowsday my time go to sleep is about 1 am or more in the daybreak, Oh my gosh, it is just because my dedicate to my blog and I believe all visitors know for who my blog is dedicated. if you do not know please read again in staff's smile in right column, thank you. Okay I countinue again my story. In that time I forgot to took her photos with her lovely and the best father, hopely Disa there read it and give a comment about her experience when stayed in Ubud. In photo above is Hansano and his new friend, her name is Pia. Pia is a writer too, hopely her can give a trick and trip how to write a writing much much better.

I already tell a Ubud secret to Hansano. it was said that Ubud name is from Balinese name "Ubad". Ubad, if it is traslated to English it means medicine, So it is way Ubud has different atmospher, atmospher of spiritual, culture, spirit and of course love. That why love is choosen in Ubud according eat, pray, love novel and film. I always saying if you come to Bali, please don't see with your eyes only, see it with your heart too so you will find the spirit of Ubud, spirit of love, love with your family, your sweetheart, your evirontment, love the Earth, love your friend too, Yeah from Bali with love. Than after you are noy find it after your holiday in Bali please came again it means your need more relax and enjoy your vacation here, in Ubud and Bali. It is not mean if you already had better life, better smile and better love after your vacation in Ubud and , you are not need to come again. it is not like that come and visit again because, there no place like Bali and still many things to browse in Bali. "From Bali with Love",  it is a awesome quotation, it isn't.... 


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A Beautiful Rice Field in Bali

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