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Nyepi at Brata 1 Homestay in Ubud

>> Tuesday, 16 March 2010

"Nyepi" in front of Brata 1 Homestay
Firstly All staffs, manager and owner of Brata 1 Homestay say Happy "Nyepi". Nyepi means quiet, hopely from quiet of Nyepi we can thing what we did in past year and what we are going to do in next year, it is very good tone because in another new year we are always celebrate it with party and loud but special for Hindu New Year, we are celebrate in with " Catur Brata Nyepi, catur means 4, Brata, exactly Brata has a lot of meaning but in this case the meaning is fast or no doing that, the 4 fast is no go anywhere(stay at home,) no job, no angry and dont make any activity. Yeah just quite. Quite, relax and let is your soul free, from quite of Nyepi you have time to thing your mistakes and dont make the same mistake in next year, if you celebrate with party how you have time to thing what you have already done. In the first picture is situation during Nyepi in Ubud and picture took in front of Brata 1 Homestay in Hanoman street. For you who already came to Ubud, Hanoman street is always busy but it is not when Nyepi, Quite, all is quite, quite is good for rest your body and soul because we are not a machine.
Before Nyepi, in Nyepi ave, there is, okay let say parade, there is giant doll or in Balinese we called "ogoh-ogoh" parade. Here is some of Ogoh-ogoh photos in Brata 1 Homestay village, Padang Tegal in Ubud Bali.

Padang Tegal Kelod Youth Organization

Padang Tegal Tengah Youth Organization
Padang Tegal Kaja Youth Organization

children ogoh-ogoh
Children ogoh-ogoh
Padang Tegal Mekarsari Youth Organization



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